How To Get Rid Of Grass In A Flower Bed Without Harming The Plants

When considering starting a small flower garden on your lawn, you need to consider how to get rid of grass in a flower bed without harming the plants. You can always go for the traditional hand weeding but do you really want to waste your precious time performing this tiresome task?

My guess is you are not interested in doing that There are simple fun ways of how to get rid of grass in a flower bed without harming the plants thus ensuring their roots are not disturbed. Here are some of the root friendly techniques that you can use

1) Smothering using Plastic, Newspapers or Cardboard

This process is straightforward. All you have to do is lay down your material of choice on the ground while ensuring you leave ample space around the base of the plants. If you are using newspaper use about four layers of newspaper and wet them with water to prevent them from being blown away by the wind.

2) The second step involves covering your material with about three inches of soil or your preferred choice of mulch like leaves, straw or wood chips.

3) Pull out any grass that manages to grow to avoid spreading. This method is particularly useful if you are using newspapers since they can readily decompose improving soil fertility.

Applying Herbicides

While using herbicides, you have to choose carefully which product to use. Use herbicides that are meant to get rid of grass and not herbicides meant for broad-leafed plants. It is a simple method especially if you do not have much time on your hands. When applying herbicides avoid doing it on a windy day to avoid drift on other plants as well as on rainy days to avoid washing off on other plants.

Use of Natural Alternatives

If you are dealing with a small patch of grass, you can use natural alternatives to get rid of grass in a flower bed without harming the plants.

1) One chemical-free way to kill the grass is the use of lemon juice. All you have to do is apply lemon juice on the small patch of grass for a few days, and the grass will die.

2) You can also use boiling water to get rid of the grass. A pot of boiling water should be enough for this task. The hot water will cook the roots ensuring the death of the grass.

3) Another natural method is the use of a homemade natural vinegar mix to kill the grass. This can be easily made by mixing one gallon (3.8 liters) of white vinegar with one cup of table salt ( 240 ml). You then stir in one tablespoon (15 ml) of dish soap and your homemade ‘grass killer is ready for use

If correctly used the above methods of how to get rid of grass in a flower bed without harming the plants are highly beneficial since they retain soil fertility and structure and if your flowers are young, their roots remain undisturbed ensuring your plants do not die out.

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